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진스웰 BCT

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Consult with your doctor for GenesWell BCT

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GenesWell BCT is a multigene test using tumor sample removed from surgery. If you are eligible for GenesWell BCT, ask your doctor for the test. Or contact us via this website.

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Test Process

  • Step 1Removal of the tumor tissue during on surgery and check if you are GenesWell BCT subtype
  • Step 2GenesWell BCT testing requests after patient-physician consultations
  • Step 3draw up a letter of request and send it to Gencurix
  • Step 4Sample pickup - FFPE specimens from pathology department
  • Step 5Sample transport – Safe transport samples to Gencurix Molecular Diagnostics Center
  • Step 6Gencurix Molecular Diagnostics Center RNA extraction → Gene Expression level analysis → Using proprietary algorithm, BCT Score calculation and risk group classification
  • Step 7Print out GenesWell BCT Report
  • Step 8Delivery of GenesWell BCT Report to physicians
  • Step 9After consultation with your doctor, making a treatment decision