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Not all breast cancer patients need to suffer from chemotherapy.

GenesWell BCT helps you to decide chemotherapy treatment by predicting probability of distant metastasis within 10 years.


Have you recently been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer?

In general early-stage breast cancer patients with HR-positive and HER2-negative have higher survival rate.

Compared to other types of cancer, breast cancer has a higher survival rate. Especially, breast cancer patients with ER/PR+ and HER2- have good prognosis without chemotherapy.

5/10-year overall survival rates for breast cancer
(Patients in 2001~2012)

GenesWell BCT

GenesWell BCT predicts the possibility of
distant metastasis after breast cancer surgery.

The exact Prognostic Genes Excellent Prognostic Algorithm
  • Differentiated biomarkers
  • Exact prognostic performance
  • Algorithm verification through independent clinical group

Better treatment decisions by predicting the risk of distant metastasis and chemotherapy benefits

Predict 10-year distant metastasis

GenesWell BCT offers risk of distant metastasis within 10 years. Low-risk group has low probability of distant metastasis and no chemotherapy benefit.

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Predict Chemotherapy benefit

With chemotherapy, high-risk group from GenesWell BCT can lower their probability of distant metastasis.

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GenesWell BCT vs. Other Prognostic Tests

Checkpoint GenesWell BCT O M P E
Is the test validated against Asian patients? o x x x x
Has the test been developed and validated for clear subtypes of breast cancer? o x x x x
Does the test reflect clinical variables of patients? o x x o o
Does the test reflect immune gene signature in breast cancer o x x x x
Can the test cover all ages including patients at pre- and post-menopause? o o o x x
Does the test predict chemotherapy benefit? o o o x o
Does the test predict late recurrence (after 5yrs)? o o x o o
How long does the test take upon receipt of Speciemen? (TAT) 7 days 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks
Prospective trials o o o x x
Hazard Ratio(high vs. low) 8.57

GenesWell BCT vs. Prognostic predictors

The index of concordance(Concordance-index) is a global index for validating the predictive ability of a survival model. The closer the index of concordance to 1, the more accurate the prognostic prediction.

We evaluated the prognostic accuracy using C-index for BCT score and clinicopthological models. C-index of BCT score is 0.81 which means BCT score offers better prognostic performance than other clinical factor-based prognostic predictors.

  • PREDICT, SNAP, NPI Score: These are online predictive models that predicts prognosis based on the patient’s clinical information such as age, tumor size, number of positive nodes and histological grade. They predict survival rates based on statistics for similar types of patients.
  • Pathologic stage: The pathological stage is based on how different from normal the cells in the samples look under a microscope.
  • Histologic stage: This is a description of a tumor based on how quickly the cancer cells are likely to grow and spread.

Target patients

Check if you need GenesWell BCT
GenesWell BCT is intended for early-stage breast cancer patients who have HR-positive, HER2-negative with fewer than 3 positive lymph nodes.

  • 1STAGE 1&2

    Check my breast cancer stage
    early-stage breast cancer, stage I and II

    Stage Tumor Size Positive lymph nodes Metastasis
    1A ≤ 5cm No No
    1B ≤ 5cm Fewer than 3 lymph node micrometastasis No
    2A ≤ 5cm Fewer than 3 lymph node metastasis No
  • 2ER+ / PR+

    Check hormone receptor status
    Hormone receptor positive

    The hypersecretion of estrogen and progesterone can stimulate cancer cell growth. The hormone receptor positive patients take hormone therapy to control cancer cell growth.

    * ER: Estrogen
    * PR: Progesterone
    If either of these hormone receptors is positive, then it is hormone receptor positive breast cancer.

  • 3HER2-

    Check HER2 status
    HER2 negative

    High levels of HER2 are linked to a greater likelihood of metastasis and relapse and an overall decrease in patient survival. HER2 positive patients receive targeted therapy.

    GenesWell BCT is for HER2 negative breast cancer.

  • 4pN0/1

    Check positive lymph nodes
    Fewer than three positive lymph nodes

    GenesWell BCT is for early-stage breast cancer patients with fewer than three positive lymph nodes.

    * pN0: No positive lymph node
    * pN1: 1~3 positive lymph nodes

BCT Score

What is my prognosis score?

GenesWell BCT report provides probability of distant metastasis according to the BCT Score.