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Prognostic Diagnostics & Precision Medicine for Breast Cancer

GenesWell BCT, A new multigene test
for early-stage Breast Cancer

GenesWell BCT predicts your 10-year metastasis risk and help treatment decision.

Prognostic Diagnostics & Precision Medicine for Breast Cancer

Want to know your possibility of distant metastasis?

GenesWell BCT offers you the BCT score and check your probability of distant metastasis within 10 years.

Prognostic Diagnostics & Precision Medicine for Breast Cancer

Check your chemotherapy benefit!

Not all patients benefit from chemotherapy. Low-risk patients from GenesWell BCT do not need chemotherapy.

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What is GenesWell BCT?

GenesWell BCT(Breast Cancer Test) is a multigene test to predict possibility of distant metastasis within 10 years after surgery and chemotherapy benefit for early-stage breast cancer patients.

  • BCT Score Under 4Low risk of distant metastasis
    No chemotherapy benefit
  • BCT Score 4 and moreHigh risk of distant metastasis
    Chemotherapy benefit


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Target Patients

Early-stage Breast Cancer (Stage I&II)
Hormone receptor positive(HR+)
HER2 negative (HER2-)
0 - 3 lymph nodes (pN0/1)

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Why GenesWell BCT?

GenesWell BCT offers more accurate and faster results for breast cancer patients.

  • Complete validation for prediction ability
  • Predict chemotherapy benefit
  • Clinical trials with over 2,500 breast early breast cancer patients
  • Korean FDA approved

GenesWell BCT validation

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Test Process

  • Step 1 Check your eligibility with your doctor
  • Step 2 Request a test via hospital
  • Step 3 The sample removed from the surgery is sent to Gencurix
  • Step 4 Gene expression analysis
  • Step 5 Treatment decision based on the test result
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